The story of Tutunjian Polo Company

The story of Tutunjian Polo Company

Have you ever wondered how a single name, a legacy passed down from generation to generation, can be a bridge between the past and the present? It's time to step into the world of Tutunjian Polo Company, where our brand story is not just about fashion, it's a journey through history, heritage, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

Imagine the year 1901, the ancient city of Van, where the streets were breathtaking. It is here that the foundation of the Tutunjian Polo Company was laid, woven with the threads of time and heritage, a story that begins in a city as old as history.


I am Vahram, the founder of Tutunjian Polo Company.

I inherited my name from my grandfather, who was born in 1901 in the ancient city of Van, in the family of merchant Abraham Tutunjian and Vardanush Tutunjian, daughter of Terlemezyan Ghevond. Their house was on Bayili Street, in the heart of the Norashen church district of Aygestan. My grandfather had two sisters, Alice and Airis, and two brothers, Mihran and Vanik.


The fate of our family took a significant turn during the Armenian Genocide. My grandfather, Vahram, accompanied by his sister, Alice, took the migration route that took them to Yerevan. It was in this city that they found their other brother, Mihran, who had found refuge in the Etchmiadzin orphanage. Unfortunately, no information has been preserved from the rest of the family.


On the other hand, I was lucky to be born and raised in the heart of Yerevan, on Nalbandian Street. The deep connection with the roots was the basis for the foundation of the Tutunjian Polo Company in 2021.

Our mission closely matches the goals of our brand: to create high-quality, comfortable, and unique clothes of Armenian production. We consider it the mission of our company to spread our love and pride for our homeland, our history, Yerevan, and our armed forces through fashion.

Each piece of clothing is meticulously created, carrying within its pieces of our identity, serving as a symbol of unity. I am convinced that Tutunjian Polo is more than just a clothing company, it is an art that is connected with a common love for our motherland, our culture, and our history.

Our company motto, "Wear Proudly", is meant to convey a sense of pride in one's heritage and culture. It also has a more personal meaning and encourages people to be proud of themselves, regardless of their background or circumstances.

I hope you will accept, appreciate, and wear our clothes with pride in your daily life.

With the greatest respect,
Vahram Tutunjian

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